Vudor Range 10mls


Vudor 50/50 Range 10mls

KoLaLa shot – KO LALA SHOT e-liquid by Vudor is a sweet cola flavour, made from the finest grade nicotine in the world

Cherry Blast – CHERRY BLAST e-liquid by Vudor is a Black Cherry flavour, made from the finest grade nicotine

Mango Blast – MANGO BLAST flavoured e-liquid by Vudor is a real mango flavour, made from the finest grade nicotine.

Red Blast – RED BLAST e-liquid by Vudor is a sweet strawberry flavour

Green Blast – GREEN BLAST e-liquid by Vudor is a combination of sweet and sour apple flavours.

Pink Blast – PINK BLAST e-liquid by Vudor is a smooth raspberry flavour.

Grape Blast – GRAPE BLAST e-liquid by Vudor is a delicious, crisp Grape flavour, perfect and juicy.

Pineapple Blast  – Pineapple Blast e-liquid is a delicious exotic pineapple with a subtle icy touch.

White Shot – WHITE SHOT e-liquid by Vudor is a mild vanilla flavour.

Blue Blast – BLUE BLAST flavoured e-liquid by Vudor is a mild blueberry flavour, made from the finest grade nicotine.

Ice – ICE offers a potent, icy blast of menthol, smooth on the inhale and satisfyingly crisp on the exhale.

Top T – TOP T e-liquid by Vudor is a mild tobacco flavour, as close to the real thing as you will ever get.

Frost – FROST e-liquid by Vudor is a strong and smooth mint flavour.

Cuimsíonn an táirge seo nicitín, ar substaint an-andúile é. This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. All vaping products are strictly for over 18s only. No exceptions.

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