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Expiry Date: 09/23

Dio: Luxurious Baked Vanilla Cheesecake

Fiji: A fresh and natural flavoured mango & passionfruit

Dante: A classic Bubblegum that will remind you of days gone by!!

Wild: Like a bowl of fresh mixed summer berries, this one won’t be topped!

Empire: Can you remember the one who knocks? Heisenberg, you know what it is. Fresh and fruity.

Treaty: Limerick you’re a lady, one for the home town! A delicious strawberry and cream candy.

Violet: A wonderfully fresh Grape with a hint of Ice to bring out all that great taste!

Sin: Sinners have more fun! Sin is sublime Blue Raspberry Candy that’s sure to have you back for more

Cuimsíonn an táirge seo nicitín, ar substaint an-andúile é. This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. All vaping products are strictly for over 18s only. No exceptions.

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